Local Radio Organization Recognizes Community Service

The Sevier County Emergency Radio Service (SCERS) has recognized Mr. Tim Berry as a Honorary Lifetime member of its organization.

SCERS provides emergency communications assistance to Sevier County Emergency Management Agency and their served agencies, in times of emergencies or special events.

Mr. Berry owns and maintains more than fifteen communications repeaters in the area. Due to the hilly terrain of Sevier County, communications would be extremely difficult without the ability to get radio signals over the mountains. A radio repeater, generally located on a hill, such as Cove Mountain, retransmits radio signals. The Cove Mountain repeater, for example, has coverage of all Sevier County and many parts of surrounding communities

At the recognition ceremony, Tim made note that "I'm just another ham trying to use his God-given talent to the best that he can". This is a true example of one that gives back to his community.

Mr. Berry became interested in Amateur a Radio as a high school student and has continued his hobby into an invaluable service to Sevier County and surrounding areas.

While you may not know the name, we all are beneficiaries of his services. He the Chief Engineer and Technical Director of the Vol Radio Network, which broadcasts the University of Tennessee football, basketball, and baseball games. Tim is the Market Chief Engineer of Cumulus Media of Knoxville, which consists of radio stations WIVK-FM, WNML AM/FM, and WOKI-FM. In addition, Tim is the Chief Engineer of WJBZ-FM in Knoxville. He also is the engineer for WLAF in Lafollette and WGSN in Newport. Tim also teaches an introductory radio course at Johnson University in Knoxville.  

The 'behind the scenes' services that Tim provides are seldom seen. However, when storms, phone failure, power interruptions and other disasters interrupt our daily lives, Tim's services are some of the first to become first and foremost.

The Sevier County Emergency Radio Service is honored to present this recognition and welcome Mr. Tim Berry to its organization.

For more about Tim, please visit www.wb4gbi.com