Beginning at 7pm. Our opening
>frequency for channel 1, to start the net is 146.940 and subsequent changes
>in frequency should be announced as moves by "next frequency on our list", without
>designating the frequency (for security purposes). Do not use channels, but now refer to the next frequency, without giving the frequency, on our list instead of channels.
Note: For the time being, we will skip repeater 147.36 in the net call, as they now have their own net on Friday nights at 7pm.

Net control, please check each frequency we go to make sure it is not already in use before we start up. If the frequency is in use, then ask if we can have the frequency for a very short time to run the check-in net. If they refuse or they are upset, just have the net go to the next frequency on our list.   It is advised that net control also monitor the control frequency of 146.94 during the net for any station that gets lost during the net.

For all hospital team members and team leaders I am including a list of frequencies we use and also a list of tact calls used: 

146.940 [1     Start with this repeater and return at the end of net to 146.94 wide area repeater

147.075 [5]

147.300 [2

147.360 [9   This repeater is being by passed at this time due to local net use on Friday's.

147.420 (simplex) [26]

444.300 (UHF) [17]

28.420 USB [24]

 Back to 146.94.


Hospital Tactical calls:



PM, Parkwest –

FS-1, Ft.Sanders –

BW, Baptist West – , Turkey Creek

SM-1, St. Mary's Main –

SM-2, St. Mary's North –

CH, ET Children's –

UT, Univ. of TN Med Center –


EC, Knox Cty EOC –

RH, ET Regional Health (RHOC) –

KH, Knox Cty Health Dept. – 


Outside Knox County:

SM-3, Jefferson CountyMemorial –

LS-2, LeConte Med Center –

BM, Blount CountyMemorial –

CC, Claiborne Cty Hosp. –

RM, Roane Cty Med Center –

LR, Lakeway Regional Med Center –

LC, Loudon Cty Hosp. –

Additional to be added as they come online.